How does Quidditch work?

I’m glad you asked!

General Rules

• This is a contact sport so you can
tackle with ONLY one hand and ONLY
from the front.
• There can be no neck contact or
accidentally grabbing from the neck or
you will get a yellow card.
• There can be no jersey pulls.
• You cannot tackle someone without a
quaffle or bludger.

  • If you are hit by the bludger (dodgeball), you must
    get off your brooms and run to the hoops. Once
    you physically touch the hoops, you may get back
    on the broom. This is the knockout effect. Refs refer
    to this as beat.
    • If you accidentally get off your broom, you are out
    until you touch the hoops.
    • If you have the ball and either of those happen,
    you must drop the ball.
    • If you fall but your broom is still in between your legs
    then you are good.



– Game ball: Bludgers (dodgeball)
– 3 Bludgers in one game. 2 beaters on
field at one time.
– Headband: black
– Objective: Hit members of opposing
team (can be seekers, chasers, or
other beaters)
– Can not have more than one bludger
at one time
– Can catch a bludger if they don’t
already have one
– Can deflect a bludger with a bludger
– Can call immunity by raising one fist if
no beater on their team has a bludger
and the other beaters all have a


–  Game ball: Quaffle (slightly deflated
– Headband color: White
– Objective: Score the points, win the thing,
avoid getting hit by beaters
– Can deflect a bludger with a quaffle
– Cannot catch a bludger or kick one
– Can block goals but CANNOT stick hand
through the hoops


– Game ball: Quaffle
– Headband color: Green
– Objective: Stop other team from doing the
thing (scoring points, you’re basically like
– Can block goals by sticking hand through the
– Cannot be tackled or beat within the keeper
zone (2 meters) from the hoops


– Game ball: Snitch!
– Headband color: (wearing a yellow headband)
– Objective: CATCH THE SNITCH and don’t get
hit by beaters


–  Cannot favor any one team.
– Usually a former school wrestler or runner.
– Pants color: yellow
– Objective: Make sure no one catches you!
– Game ball: Tennis ball in yellow sock Velcro onto
yellow shirts
– If the snitch falls off or the person who is the snitch falls
down you cannot catch it
– The snitch ref will count the snitch 3 seconds once
they get up and then seeking can resume
– The snitch can push you and take your broom from
you to drop it to the ground.